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In the summer of 2021 we teamed up with Close Quarter Productions to present:


Three Comedy-Dramas by Giles Cole

The Weatherman – Still Dancers – An Occasional Cup of Tea

Directed by Graham Pountney with Hilary Townley, Nicholas Day, Catharine Humphrys and Graham Pountney

Nominated for Outstanding Theatre Award, Brighton Fringe 2021

Left to Right: Catharine Humphrys, Graham Pountney, Nick Day and Hilary Townley

A Comedy-Drama, direct from the Brighton Fringe Festival 2021.

“Delightful vignettes of reminiscences and regrets, forgetfulness and the future.”

Richard Bect, Broadway Baby

This three-act Chekhovian elegy for the dance of age is in a league of its own. A superb play, it should be, as one director present said, in the West End. Some of the finest acting I’ve seen at the Fringe.”

Simon Jenner, Fringe Review

A delicious chance to enjoy three linked short plays – where time has a habit of taking its revenges… and having the last laugh!

Chuckles, belly-laughs, whimsy, pathos and shocks – not to mention the revival of The Weatherman – last seen hilariously in 2019!

Keep an eye out for squalls of laughter when we meet the wives!

After All These Years is a trim three-act comedy play developed from the acclaimed one-act comedy The Weatherman.

Alf and Joan, Charlie and Marianne are two former showbiz couples whose later years leave much to be desired. Time takes its revenges. Secrets will out.

And just how well do they know each other after all these years?